Contact Information

I live on the road full time and don't always have internet connectivity or phone signal, but I would love to hear from you! The simplest way to contact me is through email at You can also message me on Facebook and Instagram. Photographs and art work are available for purchase online, through Fine Art America, and are printed upon order and shipped by Fine Art America. Website creation and webpage template modification is done via email and video conference. And me? I'm off camping and visiting friends and family, playing with my dogs, out photographing the world around me, or writing website code. Life IS good.


Abandoned, left behind. That is how my life began almost 60 years ago, and I find myself drawn to abandoned things. Ghost towns of the west, abandoned buildings in the city, urban and rural properties in decay, they call to me. What is it that gives a person or item value? And what is it that causes the value to diminish? To diminish to the point of abandonment? I feel the emotion of these abandoned places and the history long forgotten. I share these emotions and feelings with my photographs.

Who is Blanch? First you should know my name is Debbie. Then, perhaps, you should know I have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. I've done Database Management for an Indian tribe, Marketing and Programming for an insurance company, freelance Website development and ecommerce, Mainframe programming for State government, Y2K modification of code, PC repair and network maintenance. I am also a photographer and have done weddings, family photo shoots, real estate brochures, but my very favorite photography is done on long road trips seeking out abandoned and forgotten places. I first began to study photography using film back in the 1970's. The advancements of the DSLR and imaging software have allowed me to combine my passion for technology and my passion for images. My "artography" is done by taking one of my original drawings and photographing and digitally modifying it.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet and thank you for taking the time to give my website a look.